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Innovation begins with a vision. our technology experience brings visions to life.

Our Core Values


Make customers successful

Delivering what our customers need, when they need it, is the primary goal of SimplyFI.


Reach higher

People at SimplyFI know from experience that bold thinking and bold action will bring about extraordinary results.


Believe in practical solutions

SimplyFI is driven by a positive “can do” mindset and seek to turn innovative ideas into cash flow.



Our actions match our words. we operate with integrity and authenticity.



Trust, is the cornerstone of autonomy and authenticity.

Unsurpassed capabilities in International Trade finance

We are inspired by how we can build a company, replicating nature’s functions. In a human body, there are over 10 trillion cells. Each cell includes the full DNA set all the information needed to run the body. The genius of nature is the redundancy of information stored in each cell, a fully decentralized system.

We are truly a leaders and pioneers of establishing Blockchain in Trade finance in India. SimplyFI is a marketplace based on Crypto technology which has the potential to transform the trade finance industry globally. We facilitate easy access to data and end-to-end transparency of the entire value chain by creating a level playing field for all parties involved in a trade transaction. We provide industry with blockchain solutions, focusing on immediacy, security, scalability, and privacy to help enterprises carry out their business operations automatically. The main core technologies include open assets, smart contracts, distributed ledgers, transaction push notifications and so forth.

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