Crypto’s are no more Cryptic

World today is not the same for the future. The financial crisis of 2008 has led many corporates, investment firms and individuals to realize the need of asset allocation and alternate investments. With the advent of cryptocurrencies and their sky rocket progress path has made many people to open invest in cryptocurrencies within few years. Many startups have opted to ICO, raising funds in the form of cryptocurrencies rather than raising dollars from angel investors or venture capital.

You can take a life experience of Norwegian student as an example. The Norwegian student invested some $27 into cryptocurrency. Until the year of 2013, he forgot his invested money in cryptocurrency. When he reopened, a great surprise was left for him. His invested cryptocurrency now has the value of around $900,000. With the advent of crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ether, the revolution is leading to new breed of alternate investment instruments. The advantage is that these instruments are less volatile compared to conventional equity market and returns are high. A year back cryptocurrency is all about bitcoin, but the world is moving beyond bitcoin and people started exploring and investing in more value generated coins.
Every investment is to play with the odds. Investing in cryptocurrencies is no easy challenge as individual needs to analyze their history and quickly take decisions to increase their investment. With the current lifestyle, individual needs to invest time along with money. Current exchanges do not give any additional features to the users which makes them get rid of investing time. In these scenario, Simplyfi has developed a technologically advanced Cryptocurrency exchange which is powered by Artificial intelligence having a blockchain encrypted wallet to store their currency. The platform is highly secure and intelligent to get you good returns on your investments without your intervention. This is a whole new concept of investing. While you focus on your core the financial investment and growth of your crypto assets is taken care by BAIT. It is not just crypto currency trading; the AI tool will choose from many Alternate investments instruments to make your crypto currency grow. To name a few alternate instruments: Bitcoin ETFs, Mutual Funds, Syndicated loans will be chosen by BAIT. Buy any crypto currency and experience the magic of how your investment will grow.

To leverage the benefits of Alternate investment instruments you need power of SimplyFI`s Artificial Intelligence Trading platform. The platform will make your wallet a powerhouse of investment. This class of instruments are growing at a great pace and we believe this will revolutionize the way investment happens in future.

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